"The Quiet Room" - Lots more to do...


It’s obvious that you went to quite a bit of trouble to put that tutorial together and after reading it and experimenting with it, I believe I acknowledged it, thanked you and even asked you some questions regarding it but if I did’nt, then I apologize and meant no harm from it. Like I mentioned in another post, I have been having health problems lately and have also been flying around here like a mad-man trying to get ready for Christmas while at the same time managing other projects and trying to learn Blender. If you feel like you wrote that tutorial for nothing or that your efforts are not appreciated, please don’t because trust me, I read, try and take in EVERYTHING!.

Please rest assured that I don’t take for granted ANY of the help you or the others have given me here for a second. I have learned a great deal from all of you, from reading, my own trial and error, etc and even though I might not always make a fuss over something someone tells me, I’m always trying what they suggest and very greatful for it :smiley:

Also, thank’s for the carpet tutorial. I will try it out in the next update of the scene I’m working on and I am FAR from being bored - it’s just that the “Quiet Room” project is almost done anyway and I’m ready to move on to other (new) things and continue the learning process.

EDIT: Well, apparently I did’nt acknowledge your tutorial - I suppose because it was either late, I got distracted or because I was simply overwhelmed by all the other replies to all the other posts. Anyway, I DID try it and I had some problems but I will give it another shot and post back here with the specifics. Your tutorial is fine and very well written!!.

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That’s cool man. 8)

You say you had problems with my mini tutorial.
What’s the problem?

I really like this picture!! Maybe you can upload and link the Original .blend-File here? I´ am new in blender and I think this should help me a lot!