The Radiator


This short live action/cg short was inspired the sketchy basement in our dorm:

The primary aims of this project were to get more experience with “non-ideal” tracking shots and to have a stab at working with the horror genre. I pretty much knew that last part probably wouldn’t hold through too well, which is why i went for more of the ending it has.

The the part with blender may seem small, the majority of the project’s time went into that. Only about 3 shots were actually tracked in full 3D, the others were either already stable shots or I found clever/quick rigs using one or two tracking points. For example, the shot at 1:03 was a two point track: two points tracked for the horizontal and then I then inverted the change in y-(or Z, really) position of the linked empties using a track-to bone (to which everything else was parented).

Any comments, suggestions, or questions are of course welcome!
Work in progress thread found here


Ha the ending was surprising. Really cool.