the rain is gone...

nothing as lighthearted as usual… i’m hoping to close one of the darker chapters in my life with this image.

blending time: 1 week [with breaks due to job] [edit: sorry didnt remember correctly… was indeed just one week]
rendering time: 30 minutes at 1280x2048 [AO+10 lights, most of them being spots]
post processing time: 8 hours [with coffeebreaks].

i cant really say: enjoy… it’s a very personal image.


Wow! this is one of the best images i’ve seen made by blender :o

well done! :smiley:

[edit] maybe a little to much fanboy…

…it’s pretty good, keep up.

I like it very much.
It is dark, cold and i hope the girl will find a place to warm up.

Do you mind if i take it as a desktop-backgroundimage?

This is way better than anything you have done to date IMHO, and those were also among the best images done with Blender. WoW.

Hope everything gets lighter and brighter for you!!

Outstanding quality as always!!

This piece really have deep emotions hidden in it.

That is awesome man, i really like the gargoyle pillar wall sculpture thingy.

just great work…

I hope things are better for you now my friend :-?

amazing, the composoting is just beautiful, the emotion is raw yet subtle O_o, and this image, you see more and more things when you look longer,m like the 3d eye images, i find this the most intruiging thing about this image. It’s put together by pure skill and heart from the artist.

Art is great for seeing parts of yourself in a mirror and getting over things better, i hope you find new hope and great things in the years to come, you are a great friend to myself and ofcourse the community =)

Wonderful work.


Very good with the “misty” style of the afterrain. Good all around.

Another excellent piece of artwork !! You’ve really got the image matched pefectly to fit in with the mood of the piece, it’s different to alot of your other pieces but the quality’s still the same. The curious little robots nicely done and his pose really lets you know what he’s thinking. Just one thing though out of curiousity what’s she meant to be holding??.

Would there be any chance of seeing a wireframe as it’s always interesting to see how you build your characters using so few vert’s and yet getting the right amount of detail. Thanks in advance.


Definitely your most emotional piece to date. A real sense of loneliness in this image. You pulled it off perfectly.


Very very very nice

I agree, exceptional mood & Composition


Isn’t that a knife she’s holding? Perhaps so deep into her despair aftergetting away from something she’s forgotton she’s holding it?


Yeah, the edge (of the knife) seems slightly red (maybe it’s my browser). I’d be venturing a guess that she had to kill someone who was once close to her.

She’s dying man! Don’t you see her wrist?

…I do now. Sorry, I’m running in and out catching glimpses as I go. Thanks for pointing that out…makes me feel slightly stupid though :frowning:

good work captures emotion alright but i think that life is depressing enough without having to look at images like this but great modeling and lighting

I agree. It is a fantastic picture. Amazing job @ndy, well done.

Can’t think of any C&C except that perhaps she’s a bit too thin?

Aidan says my feelings too. However, my deepest sympathies @ndy. Now you must grow from your experience and make the statement not in vain which is what this artistic work is about.

Tremendously emotional, so powerful it can be felt, and there is vast sadness here, although perhaps the beginning of closure too.
By far one of your best yet, and by far among the best ever achieved with Blender.

Blend on @ndy, and take care,

This is an Awesome piece of work. Just goes to show the what blender can do.