The Raising of the Hidden

I don’t really know if it’s wip yet, but, in doubt…

good work nice composition i like the chicken bone however i think you need a better texture on the blood

little update… just put some glow from the video sequencer:

@Aidan: thanks. really do you think blood is not that good? Mmm… I cannot see what’s wrong with it, sincerely.

and last… a sepia version. I really like this one.

good image, but i realy don´t like this last one bcause the chicken bone looks like a toy

Chicken bone? I thought that was a human bone.

I like it in colors rather than sephia.

Try black and white, and make a greater contrast between the floor and blood so it’ll be easier to see in sepia or BW.

thanks for tips and comments! I’m especially interested in trying high-contrasted b/w… you will see it soon!

edit: I was forgiving… yep, it should be a humane bone :wink: