The ranger's apprentice: Morgarath

Hey guys,

Does anyone know how to model Morgarath from “the ranger’s apprentice”.
It’s even better if someone could model him for me.

Sure! Everyone loves working for free!

This thread is too funny to be true.

Come on guys

we need a work/hire section!!

Just tell me how to do it!!!

don’t criticize me

Seriously, look into character modeling tutorials here, there are some references that are free and some that are books and dvds that you can buy online. If someone wanted to model the character, that doesn’t guarantee they would give it up, so it is almost certain you are better off learning how to model it yourself.

I know but I suck at modeling.

Don’t sweat it man, I hear sitting on your ass and not doing any modeling is the fastest way to become the best modeler out there.

I am not been helpful for the simple reason that Craig Jones has probably told you what anyone else caring to be helpful will tell you. Get a tutorial, buy a book, download a video or buy a DVD and do the tutorial(see I am repeating what he told you already). Hard work–>fantastic modeler. everything else is just snake oil.

Which character among all the google image references is this character you want to model? Looks to me like you should look into Makehuman, and then model the clothes - not too hard to make a character that their face is always covered by a hood.

Thanks Guys,
I appreciate your advice.