The Rattening. First blender work.

Made a previous post a while back, but that didn’t really get anywhere.

I started up blender yesterday and started working up on a character. I ended up learning pretty fast through a video and immediately got to work.

My ‘first’ attempt ended up getting trashed, but thats fine. It ended up turning to this:


(Working model)

And so far, so good. I’m really happy with it. Just comes down to making facial details, ears, hands and feet.

I’m just not sure where to go beyond that point as this is literally my first time doing something like this.

Any help is appreciated!

I think you forgot to attach the picture of the model.

They should be linked… hold on.

Edit: Fixed, hopefully!

All better. That’s a really good start. Where to go next depends on what your goals are. Is the final product going to be cartoony or more realistic?

I think that adding detail to the tail is probably going to be easier than doing the face so that’s where I’d start. Keep up the good work.

My goal is to get a somewhat realistic finish. Just like I have it illustrated in my reference. I plan on having it with short, combed fur, and hopefully some realistic skin shaders on the hands, feet, tail and ears.

A freind of mine said I may have trouble adding in detail for the eyes, nose and etc at the point I am at.

Any suggestions for what I should do?