The real final version of my lego car !

here it is. I guess you’ll see what has changed.


The older version (to compare) can be found here : )

much much beter

you must post a tut on howl to make lego peices!

It’s not THAT hard. :wink:


doesn’t each bump on the lego piece have the word LEGO on it? :wink:
ah well, looks great anyway. love that lighting

I think its great. How long did this render take? 40 hrs again?

What is your system configuration?


i see aliasing artifacts, though.

nice, very nice!!!

Much better,

better for lightning, better for DoF…

CJ material :smiley:


Yup, there are some artifacts. But it’s worth it. It saved me about 15 hours. The render only took 25 hours now :slight_smile:

great image!!! oh, i’ve loved playing lego! actually it was like blender, but just without a computer…

I also made something where Lego is involved: a short anim of a legoman, but I don’t think its worth getting a own post. here it is:

LOL I was just going to write and say the same thing! 8)

I was wondering, if there were anywhere on the net the blueprints or something of pieces and some models?

Nice job overall on the modeling, lighting, and texturing, but I think the DOF is a bit too heavy. I don’t like strong DOF much, so that is just my opinion. Last time I checked, the “road” pices in the lego kits have a rough texture and are not shiny like that.

Jolly Gnome: well, if you own the lego object that you are copying, then you can make all of the views that you want to model with. The instructions that come with the kit will give you all of the information you need for “assembling” your virtural lego object.

Well, that’s the problem, I’ve given all of my Legos to my sister’s son… or rather, my parents gave them :x
Plus, I live in another city… :frowning:

Bionicle Bionicle Bionicle !!
Do a bionicle next please…

great work!!! I like it.
can you make a complete lego animation? a starwars clone was great or matrix,Lord of the Ring.
or a fight between a lego and a fischer technik(I only now the german name) mecha was an option too.


Wow! Looks VERY realistic! Keep your fantastic work up!! :stuck_out_tongue:

can we see your .PY? I am interested in the interface, lighting and materials. Did you use the worldlight technique or is that “real” GI?

I love that! It looks very realistic, but exhaust is bit messed up… But anyway… That is great! :smiley:

Wonderful !! :smiley:

Amazing…reminds me of my olds days LOL :wink:

I used to work with lego until I got 15, but then we made
2 ways radiocontroled cars in Lego that could be drived
back and forth, left and right…hehe, that is the top of Lego,
doing radiocontroled stuff…

Way to go !! I love this/your stuff :wink: