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EDIT: Updated, 2 Dec 2006 <<<This is the link!

Added a short intro to the Wu-Man animation. This is still by no means finished but progress is a little slow currently.

The video is 1.6Mb in MP4 format. Quality isn’t great because it’s been compressed quite a bit.

Reminder: the character design is based on Sago’s original Wu-Man caricature. The modelling and animation are mine.

Absolutely Fabulous! LOL I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into when I downloaded it, but as I watched, I was mesmerized.

Keep up the great work and I look forward to more on this in the future.

Well, i have to dry my eyes first… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
This clip is really cool, the lip syncing is awesome, dude !!!
Where is the song from Super WuMan sings ?

Looking foreward to see to whole song synced :smiley:

I think the song is from the group 5 For Fighting. I may be wrong. Wasn’t it also in the movie Mr. Deeds?

haha, Wu-Man showing his sensitive side. Wu will NOT be amused about it… so I love it.

Keep it up.

Wu-Man’s real father

hahah cool … :smiley: really big teath’s…

really cool!! more more more :smiley:

Yes, the song is Five for Fighting’s “Superman (It’s not easy)” - I will add credits when it’s finished.

Thanks for the comments. And since Sago’s happy, I’ll continue. My only dilemma is that on one hand I want to animate the whole 4 minutes of the song and on the other I want a snappy ending. I’ll see where things lead. Maybe I’ll do both :slight_smile:

Good luck with this project, and yeah the super cup thread was cool to, i remember it like i would have read it yesterday weeps

This is so great! Absolutely love it!
Great lip sync and expressions! In the final edition, you might not wanna have
the camera static. Do a multi-cam cut, like the ones they do in tv when somebody
is performing a ballad (edit: with fades and all that jazz ;)).

Eager to see more of it! Work faster! :smiley:

I want to see more!

Fantastic work Andy; your skills improve by leaps and bounds daily! Are you still doing the lip sync entirely in Blender? And is his belt going to do that super-glow thing?

Keep it up, and you’re sure to have a cameo in Wu’s next “filthy” blockbuster production.

Congrats Andy, thats looking fantastic.

I never new Wu-man was so sensative.

veryawsome the lip sync was perfect andthe representation makes me think of my brother.

amazing stuff andy just amazing! and i cant even see it, just the title alone makes me so proud, so proud!

if its not too much trouble to upload an .avi file i would love to check it out, but like i said, i could be an animation of your cat taking a dump, just as long as it has the words super and wu in it somewhere i’m in full support!

“more than familiar with our own favourite super hero Wu”
did i read this right? haha, sago is going to be sick, i can already tell, haha, all the more reason for me to love this without even being able to see it!

but if its anything close to the render you made i’m sure it is going to be fantastic!

Thanks all.

I have the next part worked out in my head but I have a few rigging decisions to make before I proceed with it.

Fantastic work Andy; your skills improve by leaps and bounds daily! Are you still doing the lip sync entirely in Blender?

Thank you and “yes” - all the lip sync is done as per my tutorial method. I have to tell you that lip-syncing around those teeth brings its own challenges though :slight_smile: I still have to add a little tongue action (settle down Wu) and tweak the visemes a little here and there.

Wu: Glad you like it :slight_smile: I’ll have another go at making an avi file tonight, just for you.

Awesome. Nice work.

Working around a set of choppers like that I think proves conclusively that you are, indeed, Blender’s lip sync master.

Very sweet, nice animation. you are lip sync master… I bow to you’re awesomeness!

Excellent concept
Good choice of music
Great character modelling
Great lip sync
Good animation of the characters emotion

All these are important in the final animation but you almost don’t notice them.

I think you’ve almost achieved that magical goal where you get people to
just believe in your character and forget about how it was all created.
A very hard thing to do.

I really did find myself empathizing with the little guy.

Sorry - I really did find myself empathizing with Super WuMan.

Oh no, now look what you’ve done! you could be changing all of our impressions of WuMan.

Excellent work Andy.

Thank you, thank you. No bowing please, just send money.

Sorry Wu, the AVI is a no go for me. I’ve tried ffmpegx which gives a beautifully small video file but flatly refuses to keep the audio. I’ve tried MPEG Streamclip which shows the video processing as it encodes and saves a nice-sized file complete with audio - but no video, just white screen. I can’t use Blender because it won’t output muxed files (and even when ffmpeg support is included, I’m expecting the same results as above since for me, ffmpeg seems like a dark art requiring some sort of religious dedication for which I just don’t have the time)

I’m stuck with MOV files. If anyone else wants to convert it, feel free (so long as it maintains sync and reasonable video quality). If anyone has a goats head and a jar of bats eyes, please forward them to me so I can at least try and get the Mac conversion software to perform as advertised :frowning: Alternatively, some truly knowledgeable tips could help

I’ve asked tabout his many times and have tried many things in the past but successes have been few and far between with video converiosn on the Mac (10.3.9). I’ll tell you, if Blender’s GUI zealots got their hands on these pieces of software they’d have a field day - “intuitive?” not by a long shot! :frowning: