The Reasoning behind Quads over Tries

I understand that using Quads instead of Tries is better performance wise. My question is, then, why do my game engines turn my Quads into Tries?

Faster rendering if I’m not mistaken.

Then what is the point of building our models in Quads? If the game engine just turns it into Tris, wouldn’t it be simpler to bypass the process of transformation? More efficient? This also begs to differ with the concept of quads being more efficient.

Because modeling curved surfaces in triangles with Subdivision Surfaces doesn’t work well at all.
The point is to use a 3 dimensional grid system when making 3D objects to avoid problems with curved surface and animation. Once the models have been optimized in this way they then can be converted to all triangles with out any visible errors. I think now a days some games are using Quads now but don’t quote me on that. You’d have to research it yourself.

Ah. Well, all of that makes sense then. Thanks. :slight_smile: