The Rebels' New Base

When I posted this, I thought I’d finished that project. But the times, the Blender, and my computer have changed, and here it goes again. After all, what rebels’ base it is, without the rebels? Many thanks to the MakeHuman developers and asset contributors (specifically Mindfront, learning, and callharvey3d for the contributed cloths and poses), and to the Blender Marked staff and dealers: I’ve discovered the joy of not being forced to make all the assets myself. :slight_smile:
Thought about adding a short sci-fi write-up about the space pioneers finding the artifacts of a disappeared alien civilisation along with the traces of Palaeolithic humans on the distant planets, then encountering human savages on a planet that, surprisingly, doesn’t need a lot of terraforming, and then, while the Earth is in the grip of a political/religious/etc. crisis, a bunch of rebels (who else!) trying to get a fresh start with the former slaves of the old alien masters (who have managed to self-destruct in the past 60,000 years) - and the few ignored, weird scientists re-discovering the ancient struggle for the freedom of the humanity, and wondering whether the Toba eruption and possibly, Atlantis et al were not what we thought they were. But hey, this is not the Blender stuff: this is more for the Amazon Kindle self-publishing services (I do have a plan to use a, shall we say, side-story along these lines). Still, consider this a concept art.