the red bevel F1 is done?

Well here she is

Go to this link to find all the WIP images and a link to the final entry.,8,

Here’s a straight link to my entry

here’s a 50% size pic

I think quite a few people must have seen that I was working on surroundings and making an action shot, but well… The render time was really getting out of hand. I ended up with a render time of over 12 hours for a single pic with only 2 suns and no mblur… so it was just not doable.

Thus a simple background. and a little line of pics on the bottom. No post process… the line of pics is a UV texture… I figured if I can put a UV texture on my car then I can put one on a plane and stick that in front of my camera too :wink:

maybe I’ll change the background a bit… put a texture on it, but I don’t think I’ll have the time.


hmm…my first impression was : whoa! =) its kinda impressive, when I was looking on the second time, I saw that it isn’t really realistic because of the big “tubine on the left” and on the right there’s nothing what could stand for such a weight.

Another thing I think about is the front… maybe it’s too empty… not enough extras…pieces…:wink:

Ok, so far

LOL well yeah but a 3 wheeler is inherently instable anyway. My idea was… since we can fly instable airplanes now, then why not drive instable cars in the future.

That came out very nice. Excellent render.

Only question is, did you comp all that in Blender? You can’t submit an entry that CurtisS can’t just hit F12 and get the same image you have posted.


Well yeah… but the black border is a plane with a hole in it stuck in front of the camera… so the bottom 5 pics and the text on it is all 1 UV texture. I had to come up with something interesting since a surrounding world was too heavy.

You know… basicly you could post process and image and stick that on a plane… then render that… That of course would be “cheating”. I think since I didn’t edit the little pics at all and the big scene is a straight render that this way it’s ok… but only just :wink: it’s definitely F12 compatible :wink:

actually I had a thought… if this turns out not to be allowed, then I could fix it so this renders using envmapping, though I don’t think that’ll be nessecary.

I like it - it looks very inventive and I feel the power - RRR :slight_smile:

cool i like it but it kinda looks like a plastic childrens toy

lol nice job
cool thing that no postprocessing is needed!

Thx guys.

Here’s a little anim of the camera going round the vehicle… I’m not really happy with it cause the mirrored tex is jittery… but it took almost 3 days to render (dvd quality, this is only tiny wmv)

I’m tempted to rerender but doubt whether I have the time to wait another 3 days…

looks nice, but does it really need 5 exhaust tubes?

of course it does! ROFL %|