The Red one

Hello! One day when i was thinking what would i start to work on i saw “Angrybirds” video in youtube, so i decided to make “The Red one” I tried to make it looks like a Wallapaper.

Rendered by cycles and compositing has made in photoshop.

C&C are welcom.

Hope you like it!

beautifull, will you make all the other ones, I loved it!

COOL! Me likes!

for some reason I think it wil be even more funny if it was sitting on a nest…

Thanks you all! I like your idea forgottenworld, if I have time i would try to make scene like that.

I didnt make a “nest” but i tried to make scene were the bird is flying of the slingshot so… here it is! what you think?

Funny! I don’t know what it is with the slingshot but it doesn’t look like it’s angled at the same way the bird is. Could be the texture throwing me off. But he is awesome!

Thanks Anita! It should be the same way with the bird… /: What do you mean “Could be the texture throwing me off”…?