The render doesn't sync

Hi I camera tracked a clip and rendered my track. It was perfectly synced with the clip in blender, but when I open my render in After Effects it wasn’t synced with my clip at all. It’s actually longer and I have to shorten it to match my clip to have it sync. But it’s still a little off… so what should I do?

Here is my render settings:

Did you render to an image sequence? If so, does your frame rate set under “interpret footage” in AE match the frame rate of both your clip and AE comp? If you rendered to a movie file (in the future, use an image sequence) check to make sure the framerate matches framerate of the clip and your comp.

Yessss it worked!!
I rendered it again as an image sequence and set the “interpret footage”-frame rate to 25.
It worked perfectly.


Nope it didn’t work.
I thought so because for some strange reason the movement was OK when I rendered with lower quality.
Its wery strange, it ONLY looks okey when I render in low quality, despite frame rate.

Ok I get whats wrong now.
Blender stretched out my 25 fps BG clip to match the 24 fps. So it render frames for 25 fps but saying its 24 fps. Thats why I in AE have to set the rendered clips frame rate to what it originally was in after effects, 25 fps in this case.