The Resource List: Good websites, Books, etc

There seems to be more activity in this subforum lately. Maybe it just feels like that as I’ve been paying attention, but at any rate there are a few people in here now that seem to be really motivated to improve their skills, which is great.

Anyway, I was thinking that whilst there is already a tutorial thread, it would also be good to have a “resources” thread, where we link to good sites or books for reference, inspiration, learning etc. Hopefully if enough people contribute then we can make this a really useful sticky thread for those new to the traditional forum.

Right, I’ll start the ball rolling:

Drawing/Anatomy Books on Google Scribd

Andrew Loomis:Eye of the PainterSuccessful DrawingDrawing the Head and Hands
Creative Illustration
Fun with a Pencil

Burne Hogarth:Drawing the Human Hand and Head
Dynamic Wrinkles and Drapery
Drawing Dynamic Hands
Dynamic Anatomy

George Bridgman
Constructive Anatomy - George Bridgman

Charles Bargue
Bargue Plates

Art Discussion Sites/Forums:
CGTalk - In particular check out the Artistic Anatomy Subforum for great fine-arts related stuff.
HDFortress on Facebook (some good tutorials here)
The Society of Figurative arts
The Society of Figurative arts on Facebook

Daily Drawing/Sketching Groups
These are highly recommended, great practice:
CGTalk Daily Sketch Group
ConceptArt Daily Sketch Group

References For Study - Figure Drawing
Character Designs
Posemaniacs<-- This is a great one! They have some really fun tools, like the 30 second figure drawing app.
ConceptArt Reference + Inspiration Subforum
LIFE Photo Archive

Concept Ships
Dark Roasted Blend

We make money not art
Goliathus (beetles)
Gorilla Artfare (warning, often NSFW)
Old Anatomy Drawings (warning, some NSFLunch depending on your constitution)
Steampunk Workshop
Beautiful Life

Right, so what have you got? Remember, anything that isn’t a tutorial is fair game.

Great thread! Here are a few:

MindCandyMan’s Journey of an Absolute Rookie
Web Gallery of Art
J. D. Hillberry Drawings - Some tutorials as well

Loomis books for download
Hundreds of Free Art E-Books - Some links may be broken


Nice ilegal collecion. :slight_smile:

I don’t understand, Numarul. Which links are illegal?

Some books are still in print and they sell on
What a heck! If they are available on the net…

Some cool Deviants:
Benoit Paille
Andree Wallin
Frank Hong
Jana Schirmer

A few deviants
=alexiuss (Amazing digital paintings)
Cedarseed (General Infomormation on Anatomy)

Sort of a tutorial, but not really, lots of information on how to draw…

A nice thread full of interesting anatomy studies:

A couple of good threads for finding ref for figure drawing (some NSFW links):
this talks all about color. there is a fair amount of useful stuff about color. i think there should be something about color in this thread

Another interesting toll for creating a harmonius colour scheme for painting with:

Here is another link on colour theory has lots of stuff that is technical and hard to get through, but if you go through it you will learn plenty I know I am, ,

anything about skin tones?

skin tones by Ron Leman

check tutorial thread…

@Tyrant Monkey. Those should probably go in the tutorials thread. I don’t want to usurp that thread as the main source of tutorials - this one is more for other resources.

sorry my bad, i will transfer them to that thread

This is a super resource at wikimedia Its a collection of anatomy plates from the famous gray’s anatomy text book. I have found that many artistic anatomy books like Geogre Bridgeman’s constructive anatomy can at times be a little too artistic and show plates where you can’t see the insertion and origin points of the various muscles. The plates however are extremely detailed and these points can be found easily. Though not all plates are for an artist. A lot of the plates deal with the kind of anatomy that doctors need to know but artists can ignore. If you go through them, the are over a 1000 plates, you will find many that are useful…

I might try and go through these plates and create an ‘image morgue folder’ that is more relevant to the artists, will post it when am done.

Add Preston Blair - Advanced animation here the link

I’m going to have to spend some more time on Clearly a very cool site. Here’s a nice gallery of sketches by illustrator Willy Pogany.

For you save it learn it.

People here are all generous to share with all of the other people. The links listed here are very useful.