The retopology plane traspassing the object

Hello! i have a problem with the retopology plane. This plane traspassing my object although i activated the snap opción in the faces. From front view looks great, but front side view looks weird. Thanks for reading. Captura de Pantalla 2020-12-12 a la(s) 2.46.50

maybe the hig-poly object has a Subdivision Surface modifier? In that case, deactivate it?

No, the object dont have any modifier. I applied the subdivision surface modifier before of sculping.

I often have the same issues. Try to offset it from the surface, and try the different options there, above, on and so on.

Ither than that, snapping modes can be a factor. Flippednormals have some good vids on this, so do Grant Abbit.

Hope you make progress!

Thank you very much! Yeah, its a annoying problem that make waste the time. I try to put a few planes to have a more controlate circular surface and works…i guess. So, thank you again!

Hey! I just started using Retopoflow 3. It feels really great and I think you will like it alot. You can get it for free at github!