The return of the strongest power

it’s my first picture here.
It’s druid tooting to “mother nature”(it’s the big tree on a picture).
Under the big tree it’s trees too, if you see warcraft 3 end video, you now about is it, if you don’t see, you can visualize it’s a normal trees and the big tree(mother nature) is dominant compared to other trees.
All on picture is cg, backround too. Trees near the camera is for the most part from arbaro, but trees at the back and the big tree is for most part my work. So here is it:
Sorry for my english,

very cool. is the flare photoshop?

Thanks, flare is gimp.

lol k. same just different

Nice scene !

Very nice…how or what script (if any) did you use to make the trees?
Nice textureing…cool flares. 5*s

tcrazy:very thanks too, trees are from arbaro(but not all trees).

Very nice and surreal… I love the atmosphere.
Maybe you could make the grass a bit more random? It looks like it’s in ‘rows’ at the moment.

This is incredible! The texturing is great and the lighting is very well done. Grass is weird, and in my opinion the flare is a bit over done. At first glance I missed the character because the flare burned it out.

blenditall: I’m glad your like it :). The wind blow to grass, I acknowledge it’s “rows”, but I don’t want do something with it.
cinder1: I!m glad your like it too :), about grass -look up-, and the flare- its do this colors and atmosphere what you like, so I must take it here :).

i love the mood and colors of this pic

WoooooOoow! Truly amazing! It reminds me so much of that scene in Warcraft, the Night Elves. Fantastic work! I hope BgDM sees this. :slight_smile:

Thanks all two, i love this scene from warcraft, so i must do it :).

WOW! Very nice image! I like the platform the people are on, it is a cool platform thingy. I also like the trees and stuff on the landscape. The landscape is great too.

Very thanks! The landscape give me lots of work… The trees in backround(under big tree)- i dont understand how I can do it on my machine, all this scene have about 19 900 000 vertexes…

The horn that he’s blowing on looks like a dog or some kind of animal. Can’t make sense of the guy blowing on the horn. Don’t know where his head starts. If its a head?

Could you just render out the part with the guys head and horn.

Some Depth of field could be used here also.

Other than that it looks great.

Like bigbad said: the horn looks a bit too much like an animal. And the way it’s shaped, it directs your eyes to the top right corner of the screen instead of to the tree. Otherwise, sweet pic.

This is a very nice, very strong image. Now, having said that, what makes it strong is the juxtaposition of “a dark tree” and “a brightly-backlit animal.”

Which, I think justifiably, makes me ponder just what the entire lower-half of the image is really for. :no:

No, please, hear me out! I’m not “slamming you!” I’m not “insulting you!” Artistically speaking, it could well be that your (well-chosen!) theme of “the return of the strongest power” could be carried entirely by the aforesaid juxtaposition, such that “the entire lower-half of the image you’ve presented” is merely “going along for the ride, but not contributing much.”

I therefore invite you to consider whether what is now “a heck of a run to second base” could not be made into “a solid home-run.”

Heck(!) of a good image! Now… can it be better yet?!

Thats really nice! You must be have a good PC that can handle 19.9 mln vert.
How long did it take you from start to the end?
I like the atmospher , but will have to agree with guys about the horn, fix it so you can easely see the thing, or maybe even change the shape a little(up to you).
Well done

I like this a lot. The atmosphere is fantastic as are the colors. The only thing, that gets me a bit off is that grass, which looks a bit like it’s been made of little sharp triangles.