The right mouse click

What do you think about making the left mouse select default in Blender?
Does it make any sense now? As we have the outliner and the transform widgets, it’s not even consistent anymore. Plus, it’s very annoying for newbies, and I have to agree with them.

I propose to get rid of ‘Right to get, left to set’. Anyone with me?

I know it’s a preference, but by switching it, you don’t get all the functionality. For example, you are forced to have ‘Emulate 3-button mouse enabled’.

seriously, I tried switching to left, it freaked me out, I couldn’t function anymore and now when I’m in max it pisses me off having to left click. I love my right click.

Anyway, newbies can always switch it. If they want.

I switch to left click aswell, I came from max:) and yes switching does seem to cause loss of functionality from an input POV but I dont mind I’m a hobbyist I also found one with viewport rendering I model with that exclusive and use the newer ones for animation and the like, but I digress a consistent setup for us lefties would be nice, the transform and animation recode has swayed me and a few other max users I know,blenders way.

If i were to start teaching Blender, i would switch to left mouse button to teach everyone with, as its more likely to allow them to use blender in a Blender-Maya-photoshop/deeppaint… workflow.

the more standardised we are in “key” inputs the more likely we are to be used. (interface needs not be super standardised, but keys do)

ctrl+C ctrl+Z… these are already pretty good. but our mouse isn’t


I’m sorry, but i love my right click. it’s kinda natural to me. Why change it? really, it didn’t piss me off as a newbie. In fact, I liked it better than the left click. (i was using gmax before blender. not for long though, it wasn’t as customizable.)

However, maybe changing blender so that right and left click are equal possiblities might work.

a selection highlight [like in wings3d] would be more useful

as for which button selects… meh. I can see how the left mouse would be more consistent with every other application on the planet, but it hardly seems like a huge deal.

LMB to define a point in Global Space is where Blender stepped out of 2D space and into 3D space. It may not be consistent with apps that came before it but it’s consistent with OOPS thinking (the Scene being the primary object to which all others are directly or indirectly linked). It’s not inconsistent with the Transform Widget as the widget is (context sensitive) linked to Objects and not the Scene.

LMB/3D Cursor (with some mods) will eventually become the new standard for 3D apps.


I think that isn’t a great idea, what would be the advantage? This sets Blender apart, if it were ever to change I would be critically unable to use blender. If it is only to improve the first impression to newbs that is discouraging.

I couldn’t see any good reason for having the rightbutton do what the left button should do and just can’t understand why select is on the right mouse button in the first place. And for all of those who say newbies can change it, well true, they can, but do you think most newbies know where the preferences window is? Most other apps have a preferences window accessed via a menu so that’s where most reasonably intelligent newbies will go looking for it.

I’m personally a firm believer in the principle of least astonishment, and think that user interface tasks should be done in a standard way, unless there are compelling reasons for not doing so.

This is minor, I think whatever button selects should also deselect (i.e clicking in space deselects all points) and also the ability to drag selection boxes. It would save me double tapping a to make sure I don’t have any rogue points selected, and pressing b to enable box select. This would help alot more imho than ‘left versus right’ (although I see no reason for not having left select like all other apps, except to be unusual).

I don’t want blender to change but just consider that some people like or accustomed to left click selection and similar to how some righties claim that they’re hopeless with left, well… the point is blender getting to be very popular alternative/compliment to max/maya and allowing these people “me aswell” the ability to have a consistent flow would go a long way towards helping converts

an e.g I have pc at work that I work with from time to time and navigation the action editor is almost impossible even known key combos fail when left click is enabled, at home the middle mouse works fine, that may well be a hardware thing but its discouraging a key combo that works for right and left would help as the mouse and keyboard input appear to share links

Why don’t just make it optional.
If you like to use the left use the left, if you wnat to use ther right use the right… Is that a hard thing to code…?

The best solution for this would be to allow each user to choose the option he likes best. Flexibility is always a good thing. Reminds me of a similar issue in Age of Empires II where you issued commands and such with the right click (while other RTS used the left click.). You had an option to change. I don’t know if there is such an option in the blender menu yet and if it already exists make it in a more apparent place.

I think there should be options to choose from when you first-start-up blender. The right klick is awful imo. It makes you alienated from other software.

I agree with the people before who say we need the option to switch it around. Yes, eventually I’m probably going to have to move to left-click so I can use other programs, but right now I’m just to used to right clicking everything.

I kind of like the way most of the interface is now, but that’s just me. If you’ve come to Blender from Maya/Wings/Etc, then I think that you should be able to change it.

you can change it but at the price of inconviences setting in when seemingly unrelated comands become unusable

try shift+lmb to nav’ the action editor when left click is enabled, doesn’t work anymore, that not good

I don’t think that means we shouldn’t be able to change it, though, I think it means that bug should be fixed maybe.

Those bugs don’t really affect me anyway, since I use right-click for selecting (maybe I should just keep my big mouth shut when I don’t need to open it).

Anyway, now I feel stupid because I had forgotten that switching the select button was already a feature in Blender. I just went and dragged down the User Preferences and there it was, “Select with: Left Mouse/Right Mouse”. :o

So how does it make sense to select in the outliner with the left click?

That’s what I’ve always thought. Every other program (not even just 3D ones), the left-click is select and right-click is the contextual menu.

I actually tried the left-click option in the prefs and it made no difference to me. However, I was expecting the contextual menu to pop-up when using right-click.

As for 3D-cursor placement, double-click (possibly of the rmb) would be easy enough. I’m forever accidentally moving it anyway so a double-click or modifier click would be better.

In general, I think a custom key mapping would be good for everything in Blender. The file can be a separate text file like they use in games.

Add in a scriptable interface and everyone can configure Blender exactly as they please. IMO, this would take some weight off the developers in the long run because they won’t have hard code designs into the code.

I like the right click select thing, I tried changing it but it just felt weird and unnatural. If you don’t like the right click, just change it to left, why should blender change it when you can?