the right PC for belnder!!! (help)

Hello to everyone! :smiley:
I sereously need your help!
i am new here and i don’t know anything about Computer :\

What i wish to do with blender…
Movies! i have only a notebook. Of course it’s a bit slow when i have a lot of polygon or when i render materials like glass or subsurface scattering ecc…

I want to create a lot of complicated set with houses, trees, people, clothes, materials, particles ecc ecc ecc.
So…what kind of pc i need

BlenderCookie on facebook recommended me a pc like this:

-Motherboard: Something decent, look at the maximum specs, make sure it can support how much ram you want, 64Gb is a good amount to support.

-Power supply: 650 watt should be fine, they are easy and cheap to upgade. Corsair and Cooler master make nice power supply’s

-Hard drive: 2Tb should be fine, I don’t know what else you do, but these are cheap, make sure you get a 6gbps drive for faster speed (400+Mb transfer speed)

-RAM: your budget will allow for 32Gb, though you probably only need 16 if you are starting out. (I just rendered a 350 million polygon scene and even that was only using 17.5Gb ram)

-CPU: As before, get a good one that fits your motherboar, intel is better.

-GPU: Go for a GTX 580 4gb, or if you want to save some cash get the GTX 560 ti. great cards that aren’t overpriced, the 600 series is great but still not fully supported in blender so aren’t a massive performance boost.

…so…wath kind of CPU you recommend?
maybe Motherboard with 64 is too much?
And wath do you think about this pieces? (remember that i cant undestand anythink about pc XD)­1156­1366­am2­am3-p-6287.html
(do you think this in supported by blender? because Blend.Cookie said that the 600 series is not well supported…so even this 680? and i can’t find the 580 one.)

My budget? mhhh… shure 1800
oh, of course i need a cd player and wath about sound card? …

in short I need a good pc to use blender XD

you are my last hope to know/understand. Thanks a lot!!! T.T

or…what do you think about this?

Have i to change something? like windows 8 in windows 7 :stuck_out_tongue:

Big dilemma, CPU or GPU. CPU (some multi-socked high-end 12+ core MB, 2 CPU, etc, etc) is more robust solution. and will accelerate EVERYTHING, not only cycles render. But, if you sure that scene internal data with textures will fit in for example 4GB 680 (you link 2GB model btw), then you can get faster result at final rendering stage.

If you need guaranteed result,with deadlines go CPU way, if you prefer somewhat risky way, go GPU. If in doubt, i would get middle range Nvidia like 470/670 “just in case”, and put most money to multicore CPU.

GPU risk: scene not fit in GPU onboard RAM, cannot render at all. Black screen, your project failed. In worst case it can fit for selected movie frames, and fail for other intermediate, nobody will tell when it can happen. Another NVidia driver update-> glitches, wait for solution, etc. But when GPU work, it render up to 8X faster in comparison with average CPU. You can put multiple cards in one MB, and scale speed even more (need good, better then average PSU, case as it use more electric power and heat a lot).

Edit: for some reason original post disappear (deleted by author?), the question was about PC configuration.

CPU is more important than GPU for blender. I have never come across any problems with this build:
CPU: AMD FX-8150
GPU: 2 x GTX 560 Ti
Motherboard: Sabertooth 990fx
RAM: 16GB 1600MHz (4x4gb)
PSU: 720W

It was cheap, all up about $1000 (plus on top of that Microsoft hates Australia so windows cost me $300)… This will outperform a lot of top end GPUs BUT no matter how many cards you add you still have the same amount of vRAM (RAM on the GPU) so that IS a problem for blender although I have never witnessed it. Also you will need to build it yourself if you want a decent machine under $3000. Hope that helped!