The right size...

Hi again, sorry about all the noobie questions but i really want to find out how to use this program.

Now im trying to make a FPS game and first im going to do the map lay out, like the rooms and walls and props. But how do i know if the room is to small for the game to be played in?? Can the First Person View camra go through the walls if the room is to small or not even fit in it?

Can someone please help me :slight_smile:

everything is relative in blender. You can model a tiny map and then resize the character to be smaller, too. So it doesn’t really matter. Just start modeling away! :smiley:

oh, and welcome to the community.

Thx mpan3!!!

It might be wise to download a free character model that’s similar to the characters that will be in your game. You will then be able to better judge relative sizes with some consistency.

A hint: use the Blender Units (BUs, the squares you see in the 3D window) to your advantage. You can say: 1 BU = 1 meter and you can model everything relative to that (note that every BU is subdivided in BUs which are 1/10th of the above lying BUa piece, unless you’re working on huge/tiny zooms).
Besides, that “S” button is not there to gather dust :wink: