The rigid body cubes fall through the bones

Today when I was rigging the hair for the character by following this tutorial:, I was thinking of creating rigidbodies on the whole character so that the hair would fall on the shoulders, instead of going through them.

By following the tutorial, Iv’e added vertices line with different weights that thins out on the edge. Then I’ve added empties and parented each of them to each vertex. Then I’ve added a bone constraint that follows the empty and set the vertex string’s physics to cloth. Fortunately, it worked! So what was the problem you may ask? well, the rigid body cubes.

After I finished creating the rigid-body for all of the body parts by parenting them each bones as bone/armature with automatic weights, I’ve attempted to the same thing for the hair. When I played the animation it was clear that the vertice-string wwas going through the rigidbody head mesh. But when I tried to parent them,they just fall of!: enter image description here

Have I forgotten something or did I put something strange that caused this issue? Please let me know!