the rim wheel render for a car

Yo, guys&girls!

Take a look at here, plz.

Can you help me with a paint for this wheel?
I need to make a metallic paint in Cycles. I did “something like this”
but I think that it’s not actually “metallic”.

If somebody have hints on this (nodes or something) - very much appreciated!

Does the last two pics looks like metallic painted surfaces?

try this node set up but changes colors

You may also want to check out this metallic paint Cycles shader on Blend Swap

Wow, speckles! :slight_smile: I’ll try it, thanks a lot! :slight_smile: BTW - why brilliance Fac is 0.000 (no shine?)

just play with the parameters till you get what you like !

happy cycles

This is helpful too! Thank you!
I’ll make some shots soon, guys…

Hi, Ricky!
I got something interesting with your material:

looking great

but did you remove the speckles!


Looks like metal to me!

No, I didn’t. Actually it’s noticeable but quite a bit.
Maybe something’s wrong in nodes? Is that “flake size” - the Noise Texture, right?
I could send you my nodes in .blend

just show the node set up

i treid agzin but having some problme seeing the speckles

dont’know maya be miss sometrhing
or i ahve another one with stronger speckle somewhere !


Maybe flakes must be noticeable in spec. areas?
to avoid misunderstanding )

well i get this one which same node set up working

there is another one at blendswap too i think

what do you think

Importance Map on, more than 50 passes?
If “yes” then I suppose it’s something wrong with my lights or node setup.
BTW did you used a small lamp or a light plane (or spot)? Looks like a light plane…
And eh… is it not an Area Light?

yes i think i left a small lamp around ! LOL

sorry should not have been there
but it gives a little more reflections i guess

i’v seen one not det up where we could see the speckles a little more
but cannot remember where iv’ seen this one or what the nodes set up was !

i’m trying to ask other friends to see where it was !


i got some noise that looks like speckles

see pic

but this is using some displacement too
so not really for a car !


Actually we have created hear some really good materials for metal/chrome.

Guys, how to get rid of that “render noise” without loosing all “not too definite” details? I tried to do a big render (used Render Regions, 2500x2500 output). Looks nice but I know that the quality must be “slick”. When I do that “slick” with NeatImage, I get some real “soap” things on those places that I called “not too definite”. For the test image I used a plane with the same material (as wheel) and the rendered image - results aren’t ideal.
Oh, yeah… render passes = 200. I can’t do it for more time because of the real reason. So my hope is only for a noise cleaner program :slight_smile:
Do you know something better than Neat Image?

Breatch is working on a faster render for cycles
should be out for 2.63 !