The Ring of the Monkey Pirate King

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Finally made it to the Finished Projects section again!

Modelled for the most part in Blender, some sculpting in Zbrush.

3D print by i.materialise, hand finished with Liver of Sulphur for the dark patina.

The project had two main purposes, one being a stress test of the 3d print service to see what details I could physically get away with, the other simply being that I wanted a ring for myself. Most of the jewellery I’ve made has been for other people.

Very happy with the physical print and how it turned out from i.materialise (shipped as clean silver of course), but I’m still working away at the overall finish of the piece.

Closeup images, click to enlarge:


Cycles Previews (post seems to be a bit glitched, you’ll probably have to click the links):




well done really great

looks awsome

Very good!
What render engine did you say? LOL
Just a question, did you use the zbrush 3d print utility?

Omg! This is so a picture and not 3d! :wink:

Awesome render, thanks for sharing!

Indeed, great work mate ! :wink:

But, but, it was a joke. It isn’t a render. This is the real thing. A 3d print.

incredible work! you’re becoming a master Jeweller:) You should really consider selling these.

My mind got blown!! 0_0

hahaha I was going to highly compliment your texturing - the coins look so real! And the patina on the ring-! Nice photos though.

Oh, well it was a very cool project all around.

Thanks all. Will upload better photos when I’m happier with the finish/polish level.

@ michalis - I used the zbrush decimator, but exported to obj and did the final .stl print export from the free version of netfabb.

wait? its printed in silver, or its coated in silver after printing?

Wooow! Just amazing.

That was incredibile.

I’m confused,the first few images are actual photos right? of the 3d prints?

because there is a shift in quality from the first few images to the “cycles preview” post.

might be slightly misleading on a cg forum,I’d clarify that here.

nice work overall!

Great stuff Ben! What is the minimum allowed detail size?

like it! …

hell that is awesome , don’t have words to say :smiley: