The Rise and Fall of Mancandy

I wanted to animate something without going through all the bother of modeling, rigging, and the whole shebang.

This is just the over movement, I’m still planning on going through the ipos to smooth stuff out and tweak it. Then I’m going to key up finger/hand movements and then do the facial stuff.

c&c welcome of course.

First Version


Looks good, however, his right foot springs forward unnaturally when he is getting up. My guess is more inbetweens would fix that. I am not positive, haven’t done much character animating myself.

I’ve reworked the last part of the fall itself, and added some detail with the hands and fingers. Next I’m going to work on the facial animation.

With the foot thing, I don’t know if my approach was wrong, or there is some mechanism with the leg rig that I’m missing, but it’s either his foot pops like it does, or his knee goes through his shoulder. I didn’t have enough clearance between the shoulder and the ground to bring the foot through with out the toes going through the floor, so I brought everything up, but then his knee went through his shoulder. so I just went ahead and keyframed everything in there to get the result that you see. When I’m done with the face, I’ll probably see if I can fix the foot.

This is more or less what I had envisionaged from the beginning. There aer still a couple of rough spots, and some places where he goes through the floor, but it is mostly what I saw in my head.

This also marks the first time I’ve ever used the IPO window to smooth out some moves, and that was a lot of fun I have to say, but I could have done more.

The end isn’t quite what I originally had in mind, but that’s because the way the end turned out has inspired me to make a part two.