The Rise of the Unnaturals: World Building and Game Development Thread

Greetings and thank you for taking the time to check out this project. This introductory post will be revised in the future as nessacary.

 As the title implies, The Rise of the Unnaturals is at its core a world building project.  The focus being to create a universe of characters and develop them through their interactions with each other and the world around them.   This would be achieved through various mediums.  As it has been a childhood dream, the grander vision would see them released in a AAA game (a variation of the fighter genre).  A more practical form would be a series of short stories accompanied by images in the hopes of adding a little more depth to the characters, or in the case a game coud not be accomplished, to at least get their stories out there.  I've also considered digital comics, as well as a series of animated shorts, but have not fully committed to either ideas.  

 The purpose of this thread is to log the progress of this project in order to promote and showcase the characters, as well as perhaps providing some insight into game development and character creation as an independent artist.  As I have a fair amount of experience, but still much to learn, I welcome comments, both encouragement and critiques.

 Currently this is a passion project and is non-profit, though I do hope to develop it into something that brings in revenue and in turn can allow me to devote more time to it.  One of the short term goals is to develop a 2 player demo of the game myself and any promotional media.  To give it a solid base to build off of.  From there if I've generated enough interest, I would like to build a team to help further develop it.  From what I could speculate, I would be looking for an animator, an enviroment artist and a programmer.

Software used:

Unreal Engine 4 (though considerations are going out towards Godot, Armory3D and UPBGE)

Once again, thanks for stopping in. Stay tuned for more.

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Entry 01

As the first post is more of an introductory and to demonstrate this is not a repeat thread, another character is in the works.

I will be following this with interest. I remember the work in progress thread for your Mouse character.

Very cool looking!

Entry 02

@safetyman: I hope not to disappoint. Thank you.

@crazychris: Thank you.

As seen in my last post, I have recently started a new character. Seeing this as a good opportunity to add some other content besides updates to this thread, I will be adding a series of images and posts displaying an overview of my character design process as well as some notes. I understand it will be pretty basic material for some, but perhaps newer artists will gain a bit of insight from it.


The first step is to get the idea out of my head in it’s purest form with as little outside influences as possible, drawing rather from memory of things I’ve seen in order to get the most unique idea possible for the base concept. In the case of this character, I wanted him to be younger and lean with a medium build. I wanted a fairly traditional “superhero” feel. His ability was to be focused around large amounts of kinetic energy generated from his heartbeat. This lead me to a colour palette influenced by a heart rate monitor. I was leaning towards a really over the top name like “Pulse Overcharge” as he would have a lot of burst attacks and be quite energetic. As of now I am the only one working on this project and cannot prioritize the time to create really polished concept art. As soon as I have a strong idea of the direction I want to go, it’s time to move on.