The ritual at hive # 1887659

The dancing was fantastic :stuck_out_tongue:

Excellent work, the first glance I didn’t notice there are people in yellow suit. :spin:

You got a lot of great details here. The thing in the middle is awesome.

For the crit: You really need depth of field here. Is very messy with everything in focus. The lightning doesn’t feel like it is daytime. It’s kinda dark for that weather.

I’ve done a quick photoshop to show an example what I mean:

What a cool party with a funny dresscode.

<3 that smiley on the antennathingy :smiley:

Hey thanks for the comments and crit :slight_smile: As for the reworked image,
I always go with the subject, camera and environment from my minds
eye as it is always more interesting to me.