The River Room

This is my entry for the WC. It has some of the best water I ever created.

C&C welcome


whoa… looks GOOD. how’d you do it?? the water I mean? the rest is awesome, too. I like the glass windows everywhere. by the way, the three lights above the picture on the left look like they should be showing on the wall and picture a little bit… sorry I don’t really know how to describe it…

good luck!

good job! it’s one of those things that lookj realistic but are actually weird…very good job…always makes me think how could it be possible just because it is so realistic…lol

Nice, but the water needs to look more infinite, I can easily see where it stops.

hint you need caustic.
you can fake it very fast with procedural texture.
Blend file with material
just aply it to a lamp.

cool, at a hotel i styed at in florida there was a pool like that (indoors and outdoors)
but this is cooler :slight_smile:

:o :o :o
Dunno why, but it reminded me of the music clip “Brand New Day” from Sting - with one difference - in there, the house was actually a box shaped bubble with water everywhere around it, if you know what I mean.

Wonderful concept. But the water shouldn’t end 20 meters from the window.

great image, but try maybe some to hide the end of the water.

Wow, very nice :o But I agree with the rest, you should either make the water extend farther out or make a swimming pool-like border around it outside as well.

The water looks excellent.

looks awesome :smiley: , just it kinda stops suddenly like, you get some kid in the water and the he disapears :smiley: “son, whered you go” “aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” :smiley: looks awesome :wink:

Wonderful work!!! :o Agree with the end of water… :wink:

Thank you all for the kind replies. Zachboy82: I know what you mean and I agree it does need to show up under the lights. I had it like that at first but it reflected in the water really weird and turned it white. I think I have it fixed and will post an update sometime soon. As for everyone saying that the water ends to suddenly, it doesnt. I can understand how you might think it is to short. I assure you it isnt the end of the plane is not even in the cameras view. If you look carefully at the line where the sky and water meet you can see waves overlapping each other. It is hard to see just look at where it is a darker blue in some areas.

The creation of the water. The water was created basically with an improved version of the ghost by the lake water technique. (I wrote an explanation in the finished project thread for ghost by the lake.) There are some different textures and reflection settings. Also the pattern used to model the water is a little different. The technique used is very flexible and subject to change. The modeling process of subdividing and fractical subdividing can be changed depending on how wavy you want your water. Anyway what I just wrote isnt exactly a tutorial but I hope it helped you understand how I created the water. I will probably write a real tutorial on how I created the improved water of “The River Room” when I get some free time.

Thanks again for all of the kind replies.


Nice job, luv the style.

i agree with Usagi, it almost looks like a water fall or a “drop-off” outside. was this intended?

Read my post ^^.