The Robbery Scene

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to create a scene where you see a huge safe and some explosives. In other words, a scene in which men are robbing a bank!
This is a picture of the explosives that I will use in the scene.
I think the dynamite isn’t looking quite right but I can’t seem to figure out what could be improved:confused:.
I’m trying to create a rather realistic scene so if anyone thinks of anything that could improve these objects I’d love to hear it.

note: this is not how the final scene is going to look, it’s just a render of the explosives.

Here is a render with the beginnings of the safe. The lighting is still horrible but thats because I haven’t paid any attention to it.

hope you like it:D!


I think that the barrels are a bit too… hmmmm… “fat”, like they are compressed. I would make them more skinnier. Another thing, if you would turn the middle wheel on the safe door, would the handles interfere with the smaller wheel? it seem like they would collide. To finish, the safe looks really modern and the explosives look like they are from the old west, but i understand that your work is not finish yet . Well that’s all for my critics, hope they are constructive. Keep it up;)

Thanks very much Evil Resident!
Youre right about the handles colliding, I didn’t realize it when modeling.
I’ll post a new render tomorrow with a finished safe and improved barrels:)
The story I intended for the scene was a few stupid men with no experience trying to break in this highly secured bank and hopelessly fail. That’s the reason for the non-tech explosives:)
But I guess that’s quite a lot to put into one picture:)

I agree that the barrels look a little squat. Maybe C4 would be a more appropriate explosive. The safe could use a few more details like hinges and a keypad or tumbler lock. Are you going to animate? The cell fracture tool would be useful if you did.

I think the dynamite has too big of a displacement/bump map, and is too fat. I believe real dynamite is usually a little thinner, and the outer covering is paper so it’s very smooth.


I think you’re right about the bump. I guess was the problem I wasn’t seeing in the beginning. According to my reference images this about how thick dynamite is but i’ll try making it somewhat thinner


My original wasn’t to animate it but if I have some spare time I might.

Sadly I have to go to school now so I can’t work on for the next couple of hours… stupid math :frowning:

I mean that my original plan* wasn’t to animate
Sorry I skipped the word plan :slight_smile:

well the rust texture on your barrel has a lot of specularity whereas in real life rusted metal is not a lot reflective.
the bump texture for the dnamite should be improved.
and the barrel is odly shaped!!

The angle of the vault is a bit weird, as the wall isn’t aligned with the floor tiles. Also, as someone mentioned, the vault looks really nice, but it does not fit with the other objects.

Thanks everyone for all suggestions, I’m now rendering a new image.
I have completed the safe/vault wathever you want to call it and also changed some of the materials as you have suggested.
And the shape of the barrels has been improved…


the reason the angle at the vault is so weird and the floor isn’t right is because the final render won’t look like this at all.
I’m creating a new floor and the camera angle will be more front on.

here is the finished safe; I’m not yet satisfied with the anisotropic shader but I’ll do that later…
The barrels and the dynamite have been improved.
The floor doesn’t make any sense I know that, but I’m now going to work on the composition and the rest of the scene…
sorry for all the noise by the way…

so I had some trouble with my computer but I got a new graphics card so I thought I’d show another render.