The Robot

I’m working on a scene with a robot in it, and the robot is coming along nicely:
I will add arms and legs, don’t worry.

Looks good so far.

Is it supposed to have a low-poly look or is it just not subsurfed on the head yet. If you could post some strait on and side renders that would be good as well. If you inted on leaving that place on the side of the head open, you should extrude in to give it the feeling that there is some depth and just not a plane there.

I agree, and it could use some more detail :wink:

I like this. It looks very interesting. Nice to see some mechanical character modelling for once. What kind of texture/material are you using on it?

I like it, it has potential. One thing that I would suggest would be to give the head “skin” some depth… mm… by this I mean… if you laid the head skin out right now it would look like a piece of paper (no depth)…It would be good ifyou could make it look like it was a quarter inch thick r somethin…

example: select all verticies on that head mesh, extrude, scale down a little and recalculate normals.

sorry about my incoherant rambeling. I hope it made at least a little sense.

somehow it reminds me of rustboy. Not as complete, but I think there is potential for personality in this robot… keep going, plant person 8)