The Rock Essentials Artwork

Hey! It’s been a while since I’ve posted here :stuck_out_tongue:

The Blender Guru team have spent the last 8 months building a photoscanned rock collection called “The Rock Essentials”.
To go with the release we wanted to create some artworks to demonstrate it, so here they all are.

We started by hiring Helen Norcott to do the concept art, then handed off to the artists.
Myself and Rob Garlington directed the artwork, but everything else was done by the artists mentioned below. Enjoy!

Created by Guilherme Henrique:

Created by Mateusz Wielgus:

Created by Rob Garlington:

Created by Nikoloz Maisuradze:

Huge amounts of thanks to the team of artists that pulled these off :slight_smile:

As always we’re keen to hear what the community thinks!

The Rock Essentials intro video:

Get it:

Looks awesome. If i was into doing environments, it would be something i might buy :slight_smile:

Oh… when I watched the promo video I thought some were photos. Lovely work.

beauty enviroments!
I like a lot the beach and the desert (that not mean the others are bad because are outstanding results), but that image in particullar catch much my attention the beach looks how a HD photo, and the deserts because I like the deserts enviroment (?)

They all look incredible. Congratulations to everyone involved. I really like how you stretched yourself into both hiring a concept artist and using photogrammetry for this latest “Essentials” pack - I’ll assume that made the whole project a lot of fun to produce!

My favorite one is the picture of the cave.

I can’t afford your product at the moment but it is something I’ll really consider buying when I can.

Rocks are hard and time consuming to make.

Outstanding work on this project! Incredible results; the rocks look absolutely superb! Great job by your team, this is by far the best rock pack I’ve ever seen. It’s like an environment artist’s wet dream.

its a shame i dont have $300 lying around
i would buy

Thanks everyone! Glad you guys like it :smiley:

I’ll assume that made the whole project a lot of fun to produce!

Haha. Fun but also stressful :stuck_out_tongue: Definitely the most advanced product we’ve ever made.
Hiring a concept artist is the best artistic decision we’ve made though. So fast, and solves so many problems down the road :smiley:

Amazong!!! I own Pro-Light Studio and is also great. When I get involved in a project with enviroments or nature I definitely will buy it.

I’ve worked on beach scene. It was great project to work on. Thanks Andrew and to all BlenderGuru team.

Congrats on your works!

How would I go about making my own scans? what software, equipment such as camera etc would I need? are there any known tutorials on how to make these photo scanned rocks? thanks :slight_smile:

^James Candy made a great guide… start here:
PhotoScan Guide Part 1 - Getting Started with Basics by ClassyDogFilms

… and do search next time :wink:

Thanks alot mate :slight_smile:

Stunning work, Shame about the price though… its way out of my range as a hobbyist :frowning:

Maybe one day, haha.

Great work though, those renders look extremely good!

Wow, this is great! Im not doing Blender that much, but man am i temped to click that buy button. Haha.

Damn Andrew I’m finally realizing what this scanning can do in CG graphics thanks to your video. It seems to me my Blender friend James has been using it for several years. But, your video wraps up the why and how nicely. The material adjustments in a side panel with sliders is in itself a breath of fresh air. Can I dare hope Blender / Cycles follows that lead. An amazing packet and explanation. What a tool to have when needed. Kudos to everyone involved.

but its always been easy to create rocks, and its even better now with microdicplacement.
and if one want to scan, people can find this free software too (or use a kinect), but well you did a lot work here for others so they wont need to do that. One thus part of me likes what you did here (great to get commercial with models), the other parts says i can do this too.
Anyway well i wish you luck your improving the blender community by providing good models i like that thought.

^… and to add:

Great motivational teaser for all kinds.
Observing first emotions of grief from maya, max, cinema, modo,… users around. Do them a favor :wink: