The Rolling Stone

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Video V 0.2


Roll to the adventure, and use your mass and velocity to make your way out in the world. Your enimies will be heights and time. You can chose to go straight towards the end or gain as much points as possible.

I’ve created 30 assets that I append in every level. If you like, you can create more for me, or for you, to create new levels! These are some.




Space bar --> Pause
R --> Restart from pause

Esc -->Exit from game to main menu


The game suffers (on my PC) some framerate decrease.

Wow thats AWESOME!!! I might donate a few cool pieces…

Huh. Marble Blast-like, huh? Interesting, though - keep up the good work.

The video looks cool, but you might want to mention that the download is an exe.

Very nice!

Nicely realised project, with a coherent style, and everything well presented.

I would say the menu clashes with the rest of the game, though. How about a clip from the game as the background instead of that green thing? It’s so much brighter than anything in-game.

So you need help huh? In what category? I could do modeling, texturing, probably animation.

EDIT: I cant play the demo, because wrap_oal.dll is missing.

Number 1- I need a wrapper, somebody I’ll give the folder with blendfiles and texture and will wrap everthing up, see what’s functioning and what not.

Number2 - Every other contribution is welcomed, level designers, modelling of new bridges or dynamic bridges, texturizers et cetera.
You can start, for example, by making a new general menu scene that appeal too the game style.

@OrigionalBBB ok, but can you send me the .blend file?

Here is it!
It should be working now, if any file is mising, you can find it in your blender file, then put it in the same directory. It should be vcomp90 and wrap

Thanks. I can work on some maps.

The curved pieces in the images have way too many polygons, making a game is not like making a rendered image, you have to keep the polycount as low as possible, especially if you plan on making big levels.

Most curved or organically shaped pieces you find in games are even low-poly enough to notice the edges that make up the object, simply because making large levels with pieces that look perfectly smooth won’t run in real-time on most hardware. This will also help lower the FPS taken by the physics engine as there’s less polygons to collide with, also make sure that rigid-body objects like the stone use one of the basic bounds if possible.

That’s why you’re getting slowdowns in the video and why it takes so long to load the level.

Also, you can always take advantage of the freedom the BGE gives you simply because it’s part of a fully featured app. that includes modeling, you can literally model as many unique pieces as you want directly in any scene itself and not clutter an asset list like in other engines.

A good piece of advise,but there are 25k vertexes, de-smothig the curve part will not prevent me from doing “Bigger levels” with even 50k vertexes, but maybe the lower density will give faster result, isn’t it?

Because the BGE has both frustum and occlusion culling (the latter through the use of occlusion objects but frustum is based on what’s visible to the camera), it will mean that the BGE will, on average, not have to render as many polygons unless you’re viewing the whole level because there’s not as many polygons visible to the camera.

hey, can you package the textures into the .blend file? Because when I open it, there are no textures at all, they are in the folder though, but I cant find where to put them all…

I’ll upload another in the evening or tommorow, you could make design some levels on paper or pc in the time being.

Thnks for your help

Here it is!

There’s really ALL inside