The Rookie Project

Hello, my name is Samuel Moxham, and I am a student studying under scholarship in New Zealand.
Me and a group of friends have begun what we call ‘The Rookie Project’.

In the process of developing an Indie game we wish to involve and develop peoples skills across the world in Blender and the Blender Game Engine (BGE). We are looking for people in their first few years of experience in their related field to join this project as members of the team.

Jobs are currently open, across all fields of the game design demographic.
Being an open project, you are entitled to work at a rate suitable to you, at your own pleasure.

For more information about applying to join the team, payments, what jobs are available and storyline.
E-mail me: [email protected]
Or visit the projects website:
And of-course you can post a reply down below.

Hello, since posting this on the forum, many members have joined the project and I would like to showcase some of the work made by people from this forum.