The Room

Just a test :wink:

hehe…that’s one hell of a test :smiley:

I can’t really find a thing to crit, this is excellent work.

Very, very nice.

Tree texture is awesome. Your wood beam texture looks fantastic as well. Lighting is also spot on. Overall, well executed and rendered.

I think that it is a little oversatured. I hope you don’t mind, but I took it inot Photoshop and desaturated it and played with the levels a bit to show you what I mean:

Great work.


hey thx for comments =) yepp i think you have right BgDM but it’s from playing with photoshop =) the original pic is a little bit different =) smthing like this :

I like the post processed version (first on page) best. Very realistic, great textures.

first one is best imo too - cool job - you are doing very good works.

Very smooth and realistic, expecially the lighting :slight_smile:

I LOVE this WALL TEXTURE - WOOOW - and wood is awsome.

is’t realistic and climatic… :smiley:

:expressionless: thx guys =)

if that’s just a test, what a real room looks like?!
i would never say it’s 3d graphics! looks 100% real to me!
(i want to live there! :frowning: )

Very good! But I dont agree with the rest, I like the original render more than the post prcessed image :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks good, really good, but of course the foreground tree looks huge. Like it’s bustin’ out the top of the roof. When I see that there’s a nice potted-plant in the background I wonder if this scene depicts Jack and the Beanstalk! :slight_smile:

:smiley: yeah =) but the tree is in the pot =) and it IS huge =)

hey great work
i would have never thought to put a tree that big right into a room
what a great concept, it i ever make enough money to really do some nice changes to my home i’m going to put a big ass tree right in the middle of the room, great idea man
keep up the great work

holy crap, if my tests were like that id be popular , its AMAZING :smiley:

Amazing! :o I love it. Especialy the first picture. What’s our render settings? What lights did you use?

Hey VenomGFX, absolutely fabulous render, you can NOT call that a test render :smiley: Though it is a really amazing render, I have some critics:

The shadow on the tree perhaps is a bit sharp for my opinion and the tree has a few sharp edges, perhaps that could be subsurfaced or so.

Really beautifull though weird to have a tree in you room

Is it your room or have you made one up? If you made Your room, could you post a photo?


I like it but I want to comment on something that can make it better… always keep propertions in mind, the chair seems large and the left wall is directed in a cathy position. Also I have found that comera shots can make things look different. Once I had a scene wich was completely made of objects wich were proportioned rightly but looked like crap in the render…

Well, take the meat and leave the bones, the picture looks good and maybe the proportions were intended like that … good work overall…


Thx for nice c&c’s
Kare: Its just ONE light outside the room the rest is Ambient Occlusion :slight_smile:

Roger: Venom GFX LOL :slight_smile: The shadow on the tree is ray traced shadow and Blender don’t support ray trace soft shadow :slight_smile: the sharp edges are because of displace mapping. Its non existing room :wink:

md01: i set the cam focus little bit higher so the room become more larger. But the proportions have changed… but you have right the chair should be set smaller. thx


Blackmage is working on something like this for the CVS, he has a new topic in the general forum.