The Room

Hello, this is more a work of mine, a room rendered in YafaRay. Criticisms and opinions are welcome.

It looks pretty good already, though there is still too much noise.

Can we see the render settings and the lights set-up please?

Noise repaired!

The render settings:

The render settings:

You should increase the value of samples in the background settings from 16 to 30 or 40

Wow, nice work.
The only thing I can come up with is I don’t like the pillows lying in the sofa seats. Perhaps add some more wrinkles, they look a little too smooth to me.

But again, wow, nice work.

To reduce the noise render more passes with a lower threshold value. You could possibly reduce Samples for the first pass if you intend rendering more passes anyway.

It is usually recommended to turn off Color Management, but I see you have compensated somewhat by adjusting the Gamma.

Is the Sunsky the only lighting?
Which version of Yafaray?
Can you upload a render of the Photon Map?

-Yes, only sunsky.
-I used version 0.1.2
-Render of the Photon map? did not understand what you want.

You might get better lighting if you add Area lights or bgPortals at the windows to put more photons inside the room.

You can render the photon map by enabling the ‘Show radiance map’ button:-

Okay, but why is getting it?

Read this tutorial:

Its actually not too bad, though there are some dark patches.

Because the only lighting is outside the room very few of the emitted photons are reaching the camera. Adding portals at the windows will improve the accuracy of the lighting calculation as more photons will be channelled inside the room.

The total number of photons is distributed evenly between the lights, so if you add a portal at each window, half the total photon count will be emitted directly into the room.

If you check the console output it will print something like this, telling you how many of the emitted photons reach the camera:-

INFO: PhotonMap: Building caustics photon map…
INFO: PhotonMap: Shot 1 caustic photons from 2 light(s).
INFO: PhotonMap: Stored caustic photons: 0
INFO: PhotonMap: Stored diffuse photons: 572460
INFO: PhotonMap: Building diffuse photons kd-tree:

This thread also has some useful information:-

It also helps to use a slightly reduced Diff radius and more photons.

The secret to a good render using Photonmapping is a good photon map :slight_smile:

All i can say is WOW, great work

Maybe you could try another camera position, not so 100% straight on.
Things to straight and perfect often screams 3D to me, but maybe it’s the look that’s you were aiming for.
I wish i was this good :o

This is great

Thank you guys! And thanks for the explanations and links, I’ll do better next time, stay tuned.

very nice ! good job !

That looks great! I especially like the glare on the pot to the left. If there’s anything that could be improved it’s that the scene lacks feeling. If you left some objects lying around somewhere that hinted at what people were doing, it would greatly improve the overall feel.

I like it, very convincing! Were it not on here, I could’ve easily mistaken it for a photo, from the grainyness :stuck_out_tongue: