The rose

Hello everyone,

i am ill and have to stay at home, so i play a bit arround and tried my first nature study.
Well its far away from realism, but i like it…the stalk (hope its the correct term) is a bit flat
Critics are welcome!

rendertime 1h 20min
solution 1680 x 1050
samples 750
164k verts
163k faces
75 objects
post production in gimp (color and contrast, highlights on waterdrops)
defocus by camera limit and empty
only one texture for the leaf - i know way too much geometry, i reduce it during the modeling process
For the lightning i used a hdr pic. and 4 planes with emitter material

I love it! Maybe it’s not a perfect photorealistic render but it’s beautiful anyway.

Very nice! Not too realistic but that doesn’t really matter. I’d say the lower petals look a little square. Everything else is great though! You also nicely added the branch. There’s a slight protrusion from the main stalk where the branch comes out which makes it more natural. :slight_smile:

Thank you! Ha - you see that? So details make the difference - right? :wink:

I actrually kinda like it.
can you send a wired render or upload the blendfile at blendswap

Maybe this helps more…(my workflow) i follow this system for every single petal:

For every single petal!? Congrats, nice work!

Not bad, maybe if you threw on the floor some petals it would have a more of an artistic feel to it :smiley:

Seems like quite a lot of work for the petals. I think the droplets on the floor look more like mercury than water, but otherwise it looks great.

Yeah 37 petals, but its not boring - just take a lot of time…maybe it works also for an animation - rose fall down some of the petals fall off…droplets maybe to small, glass material with ior 1.33 and absolut white - after rendering they look black, so i added white highlights in gimp (airbrush)

Lovely! Great work. I can think of only one constructive comment…based on the weight of the head of the flower, it should be lying a little flatter on the surface of the table (so the petals would be squashed a bit). Put it in a vase, though, and it would be perfect.