The Round Cut Diamond


This one looks better than the princess-cut. Are you sure the faceting on the face of the princess cut is correct? It looks too flat.

Having said that, the main thing for diamonds is dispersion. The inner reflections of a diamond have color to them. If you can’t get that effect, it will always look like wonderfully cut glass. Here’s a node setup for getting a dispersion effect in Cycles:

Thanks. I’ll give it a shot. I’ll figure it out for the internal renderer. To be honest, I don’t like Cycles.

Oh, sorry…I thought “everyone” used Cycles these days. Here’s a link for BI caustics and dispersion:

I like the potential of Cycles but it takes FOREVER to render on my machine.

Thanks! Yeah, I haven’t got into cycles much. I like the challenge of working with internal. I think the problem that most people have is with lighting and the softness of shadows. You get that right it adds a lot of realism.

Here are a couple more diamond cuts…
[video=metacafe;9686853/diamonds_a_study_in_modeling_lighting_and_texturin] g_gemstones/[/video]

I added some color to some of the stones…
[video=metacafe;9698654/a_study_in_modeling_texturing_and_lighting_gemston] es/[/video]

Wow, I like it with color a lot…those are beautiful! Did you add dispersion to the diamond? I can’t tell…but it does look better. Or am I’m just being influenced by the colored gems?

Nice job i go to make a Diamond to for my youtube channel :smiley: