The rradarr's Sketchbook Of Wonders

Created mainly to get some critique, so go ahead and say something. Come on, don’t be shy. Are you typing yet?? I wanna hear that keyboard work

Work disturbance


It’s probably not dangerous

Plastic thoughts

Sorry for all the noise, I just couldn’t get rid of it.

I didn’t notice you were already (secretly) taking part in the Weekend Challenge. That explains the filename you used in the current one (wc8.jpg). Very nice almost-entries!

“It’s probably not dangerous” would probably have been in the race for first or second place that weekend.

Great job(s) :slight_smile:

Hi everybody! After a long time of absence I’m throwing here some renders I’ve done since my last visit on the forum. I hope you’ll enjoy :smiley:
Fate Of Thought


Smogg - a project of a hypothetical board game for a friend where you have to fight air pollution (in polish smog sounds similar to “smok” - dragon. That’s where the scales came from)

And here is what was supposed to be a “photoreal” shot for a short movie which I made with a friend. We needed a darkroom where photos are developed but we didn’t have access to one. Now I see that It could’ve been far more photorealistic, but well. This is the pure blender render, in the short it went thru some editing.
Google drive link:

Last one for now, a test image done one evening where I played around with the flame simulations and the Principled shader when it came out.

A new Weekly Challange entry. The topic was Personification. This one helped me to break thru another long creative blockage and allowed me to get my mind off of upcoming highschool finals. Felt good to make a quick one-day render.

High Fidelity R&B

Modeled while looking at my AKG K240 Studio headphones, which grew on me a lot lately.
Let me know what you think :smiley:

Hello everyone! A new futuristic render “poor get the most colorful views”. Hope you like it!

Hello everybody! :smiley:
Two renders today, both being Weekend Challenge entries. Well, kind of.

The first one was supposed to be an entry for “Industrial” theme, but I misunderstood the deadline (12:30 PM is not 12:30, it’s 00:30…) so it was added after the deadline as a non competing render.

The second one is actually a Weekend Challenge winner :smiley: I made it for the theme “Soviet Propaganda”. It was my first time ever in blender 2.80. Who would’ve thought that my first render in 2.8 will not be in brand new and exiting Evee, nor in Cycles that has seen a 105% speed up but in Workbench. Odd times. But it was fun.

I hope You like them! :smiley: See you in, probably like, two months :smiley: