The Rubic Cube challenge... for you oldies out there.

OK. So you know those lil’ cubes toys? The one that I think are called RUBIC Cubes. It has many cubes ( approx. 26 ? ). You just have it randomized (all the colors are in a total mess) and you have to get them arranged by switchin’ the faces of the cube. Well, I have discovered a way to do this. But I don’t have a reality model. So I need the Buffer (buffer = to me is the RAM of the mind. Or the HDD) to figure what materials should I use. Well, I guess this one is original. What are you waiting for?? Try it! :wink:

I’ve played around a bit with Rubik’s cube (real one), and setting it up in Blender. My interest was in figuring out the best way to rig it with bones

So what exactly have you figured out ?

  • how to rig it ?

  • how to solve it ? :eek::eek::eek: (python ?)

There is tons of Rubik info on the net, not sure exactly what you’re looking for.


They are good fun. Ever take one apart?

They aren’t too hard to solve, there are set methods you can use, so setting a script to do it wouldn’t be hard (too hard, I should say!).


Well, I added a cube. Then I got up with the TOP VIEW. Multiplied the cube so that I would have 3 (horizontal or vertical). Then I multiplied the 3 cubes column twice. Now I have 9 cubes. That is a “face”. Now, go to SIDE VIEW, multiply the 9 cube face (wireframe it to be sure you selected them all) again twice to have 27 cubes. Delete the one in the middle (it’s a totally waste of space). Now, we won’t join meshes! No! It’s much simpler to have the cubes individually. Select all cubes and get the cursor at the center (SHIFT+S --> Cursor to Selection). Now, set the Pivot to 3D Cursor (shortcut : . period ). Then you know the rest. Select the cubes you want to move, move them and enjoy it. I will be available for further questions.

i actually made a rubixs cube about 3 weeks ago and animated it being solved, heres the blend if u wanna take a look.;6414107;;/
Just load it up, ALT-A and off u go.
Merry Christmas