The Rudolf

Great Detail.

The most lovely deerlet.

I would so love to see this animated! It’s beautiful!

The snow particles on the fur are absolutely incredible ! Great !

how did you do this sun effect? :slight_smile:

great job ! awesome job done with furs !

Fur looks great.

awesome! I like the light setting.

I agree his nose should be glowing somehow. Other than that I really like this good job!

this would make a great Holiday Card!

to critique: need to make him appear a little damp to add realism. Snow melts on a deer pretty fast. body temp is over 100 degrees F so it would not cluster up like in your work. Also all the flakes on him appear the same size, flakes vary in reality.

for reference:

you did a phenominal job though. I like everything, and since it is Rudolph, he isnt real so it goes with the theme so you could argue you intended the unrealistic environmental aspect.

Again, you did a great job.

Definitely should have been the winner of the Christmas competition!
One of the BEST renders I have ever seen.

I love it, it would be great for a x-mas animation.

Very cool, really.

what version of blender did you use ?

Very cute. I am more focus on blender for 3d Printing, but always amazes me renders like this.

Aww, cuteness overload. Happy belated christmas!

It’s fantastic, i wish that i can make things like this. :slight_smile:

Artists like you make our jaws drop! Incredible attention to the finest of details.

How would anyone know that’s not a photograph? It’s pretty incredible.