The Rudolf

Stunning work bro

wooohooo … 9000 views :spin: … thank you so much guys …

Very nice! Everything looks great! Realistic, but not toooo realistic! Just the way I like it! :smiley:

When it will be 10 000 would you make a tut on it? :smiley:

Sorry didn’t notice already more than 11k views :smiley:
So time to make it? :smiley:

So realistic but still like from a story.

This is so epic! I love the mix between reality and plush toy…

I think you have done amazing work and come along way, but I don’t think this should go in the forum gallery the snow on his hair don’t look right. looks very up right and the same all over. snow is more random in size, shape and not as long. all the other images in the forum gallery are perfect perfection. this to me is 1% off the mark. but saying all that I hope i get as good as you :slight_smile:

Wow! Really, REALLY nice work! Congrats!

Great Detail.

The most lovely deerlet.

I would so love to see this animated! It’s beautiful!

The snow particles on the fur are absolutely incredible ! Great !

how did you do this sun effect? :slight_smile:

great job ! awesome job done with furs !

Fur looks great.

awesome! I like the light setting.

I agree his nose should be glowing somehow. Other than that I really like this good job!

this would make a great Holiday Card!

to critique: need to make him appear a little damp to add realism. Snow melts on a deer pretty fast. body temp is over 100 degrees F so it would not cluster up like in your work. Also all the flakes on him appear the same size, flakes vary in reality.

for reference:

you did a phenominal job though. I like everything, and since it is Rudolph, he isnt real so it goes with the theme so you could argue you intended the unrealistic environmental aspect.

Again, you did a great job.