the rules of text and curves


My name is Daniel and I am fairly new to Blender. I am working on a small project and am stuck. Here is my problem.

If I have a closed curve (filled) and put another closed curve over it (like a circle) it more or less makes a hole. What if I am using text. Again, if I create a closed curve and then want to type out some text and place it over my curve and have it (cut out the shape of the text into the fill of my closed curve. Making a hole the shape of the text. It will not work for me. I have tried working with ALT-C and have tried each option but it still is not working the way I am wanting it to. Could some one help me? THanks

Have you tried converting the text to a single fill curve object with Alt-C?
edit:sorry, I see you say you already tried the alt-c option for the text…

Join the two curve objects “alt j”