The rules of the neighborhood in which you live

Okay, so I live in Wichita and live in one of the nicer neighborhoods around town full of big houses and a golf course. But to keep it nice there are rules we must follow to make sure it stays that way. For example.

No putting up picket fences, sheds, clothelines, vegetable gardens ect… where people can easily see them. Also they don’t allow certain types of shingles.

Lately though someone put up overlapping asphalt shingles on their house and people started to complain because they weren’t allowed. Only now after a vote that specific type (more expensive but you save money on insurence) is now allowed.

Now i’m used to a neighborhood full of wooden shingles but now people have slowely but steadily has been switching to asphalt, they’re not ugly looking because they overlap but do look different.

I’m sure most of you live in some kind of neighborhood, talk about the rules they have in place that you must follow.

the only rune wher i live is… dont break the law,

i dont understand why would there be rules in a neighbourhood?? why cant people do what they want with thier houses, i think it quite a silly idea… i dont understand it…

A lot of developers, when building a group of houses, set up neighborhood associations with rules for how fences are made, whether you can have a shed, types of siding allowed, whatever. This, in turn, sometimes encourages people with more money to want to buy houses in the neighborhood, because they think the neighborhood will stay nice looking for a longer period of time. Which means their property values will stay up.

In other words, the reason for the rules is money. :slight_smile:

There are also usually municipal rules, like how far your house has to be back from the stret (called the “setback”) which is for allowance for utility lines, street improvements, and that sort of thing.


I live in New Jersey. There are no rules. :slight_smile:

To keep the neighborhood nice. Even though we long had a picket fence that once had a vegetable garden inside and built a shed no one complains because they’re out of the way and hidden.

I live in amsterdam…so… don’t kill people… the usual

I’m from brooklyn, where people (mostly homeless) poop on the street. but you get a $40 ticket for parking on the wrong side of the street on the wrong day (for “street cleaning”) anyway. go figure.

and Icoxo, if I lived in your neighborhood I would poop on your street. for, you know, some local flavor. either that or start putting up the wrong kind of fence. cookie-cutter developments like yours scare me… remind me of this awesome x-files episode

BK REPRESENT!! only riule here is watch ur mouth and dont piss anyone off lol

My town’s pretty lenient, but a nearby one is VERY strict. Certain paint colors, even window flower boxes are surrounded by rules. I’d rebel if I lived their.

“Yeah, that’s right, officer! This is honey-creamsicle vanilla, not Vanilly-honey cream! And damned if you don’t let me keep my fence this way!”

Well our neighborhood isn’t THAT strict, still if you make the house look as ugly as heck even though it doesn’t break rules they still have the right to force you to change something if people compain.

Once the homeowner’s association told someone to take a little height off of a stone wall, I don’t get that because no one compained.

I have no idea how many hundereds of miles from my house would need to be traveled before reaching any community with home and lawn related rules. In fact, I live in an area where most people have crooked dilapitaded shacks with piles of garbage in their front lawn. Just on the main street going into town (really, the only street) you will pass: an abandoned house with broken windows and trees growning up all around it, a house which burned who knows how many months ago and nothing has been done about it, and a lot of peeling paint. Other places of interest are: the condemmed house in town which is basically rotting wood planks with huge holes in it, sheds on the verge of collapsing, several old houses and barns who’s roofs caved in several decades ago, etc., etc.

Basically, if our town had any rules, they would never be enforced, but this is just how northern Maine is.

I don’t think I would want to live in an area governed by any home owners associations. Isn’t this America? The land of the free? If a man does not have the right to have his home the way he wants it to be, then what rights does he really have?

We do have (or used to) have some old abandoned houses and buildings right next to our neighborhood. Years ago one of them got torn down and recently a house that was really dirty on the inside is being redone by the school district as an adult transition center so not anymore.

hmm, you’re neighborhood is crazy. maybe it’s a north-eastern america thing, but the only rules in my neighborhood are regular old laws, nothing special (i think there might be a curfew, but since there’s nothing to do, no one has any reason to go messing around at night). plus, there’s a lot of cornfields where i live, so you could probably kill a guy, and the only way someone would know that person went missing is because no one’s seen him at the local Giant Foods Store. not like that’d happen though. i think old people outnumber us young peoples 2:1 here.

icoxo, I think you inadvertantly came up with a great title for an album

“the rules of the neighborhood in which you live”

As much as I hate really arbitrary rules like my neighborhood has…

I’ve driven by areas with no rules at all and no zoning restrictions and the weird shit there totally ruins the look for the area.

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Oh please, don’t even go there honey!

JK But I do have an eye for those things and am probably in a precarious position because I go to an art school and almost 1 in 6 of our senior class guys are gay.

actually I think it’s a requirement for art school. it’s ok you’ll readjust when you hit the real world. it’s sort of like taking an eighty foot swan dive into a bathtub full of arctic rain water…

and what I’m talking about has nothing to do with gayness. enjoy school while it lasts guys… making $$$ is tough work

edit: that was a pretty unclear post. I am wicked high

" edit: that was a pretty unclear post. I am wicked high"

And about the readjustment, don’t worry, I spent most of my life in the South. I’ve seen both sides of the spectrum.

Well here, we tend not to point guns at the neighbors 'cause they only point back!