The Sadist (RealTime Game Character)

I figured I’d post this up as a wip for now, get some feedback as I finish the model up. Right now I’m finishing the actual mesh, not quite done yet, still have the hands and feet to do.

I draw anime all the time, and figured it was about time to try and model an anime character, and it’s hard! For me it was a lot harder than realistic modeling.

I’m fairly happy with the results so far and would like to hear what you guys think. Ignore the patchy shading for now, as the materials are far from done (and normals will fix the shading problems) Also this is my first ever retopo project! I started with a high poly mesh and completely retopo’d it. I’m very pleased in this regard aswell.

Also, if I were to use this in a simulation, what would be the ideal method for the hair, soft bodies or bones? I’m figuring bones, but I haven’t really given soft bodies a good whirl yet.

As they’re all in separate objects I don’t know the exact face count, but I believe it’s somewhere around 5,300. I know it’s high, but a big part of it is because the eyes alone are 1,500 faces (still using the high poly eyes) and I might remodel the ribbons in her hair.

Anyways, crit away!


hit upload limit :X


nice model, when you finish it and add a toon shader it ll look very nice!

I haven’t been able to find a really good toon shader :confused:

And the style I’m going for is like Bionic Commando Rearmed:

I’m actually planning on bringing back the -(SideSkroller)- engine (my old sidescroller engine with level editors and such) and making a 2.5D sidescroller with this character.

That’s a big when though, cause I have very limited free time these days.

Finished the hands :smiley:

Not as clean of topology as I’d like, but I tried my best. I had to model the hands probably 4 different times to get them the way I wanted.

Next up: Feet


Normal maps up and running with new shader! Also started working on the texture for the face.

This is almost what I want it to look like (my shader looks similar to the BC:RA style)


Very, very nice, I like your character a lot. Is it just a character project, or do you have a game coming behind it?

nice start so far ^^ the shaders growing better and better :wink:

but i think the chest is a bit to high … that looks a bit strange:confused:

just a question: What’s BC:RA?


If you want killer I can HQ sculpt your model, like create the normal maps for it with about 2.000.000 polygons, this really is something that I like to do, if you want my help I ll be happy for try.
this is a creature that I made for a game that im working on, all the details are sculpt related and was add on the mesh by a normal map.
By leonnn1 at 2010-06-13

Thank you guys very much, your comments mean a lot :slight_smile:

@Zarnik: I’m perverted for making a 3d anime character?

@leonn: Thanks for the offer, but for now I’m going to have to say no. I’m going at this alone, if I need help further down the road I’ll make sure to let you know.

@BlackCat: Bionic Commando ReArmed. I posted a link above, it’s the style shaders I got inspired by.

Ok as you chose killer, and zarnic what is the problem with the blue hair? about the breasts i agree with you but the rest of the anatomy seems nice to me.

Blue hair is unnatural and ugly. Just my personal opinion…I could maybe play with a blonde or brown haired girl. But a blue haired girl? Only small girls that are 4 year olds play with dolls with blue hairs.

It’s not good taste…also way too many polies around the legs that aren’t needed…

The “polies” on the legs are normal maps… They’re fairly low poly. Obviously you don’t know anime, or else you wouldn’t have your pointless crits. And of course the feet aren’t finished, go read my posts above. I said they’re next on my list. But I’m not sure I’m even doing them because I’m making her clothes and shoes.

I know what anime is, and that is not “cool” anime. That is chibi…not even Pokemon is that childish. Not that childish is bad…but if this game against all odds becomes really popular. Maybe some confused teenagers wants to color their hair blue too. And that would not be good…O.o

Anyway, with polies I’m not looking on the screenshot I uploaded. But the first one in one of your posts. You don’t really need that many verticals around the legs. a 8 sided cylinder would be enough for both legs and arms. You don’t need 12 or whatever that is.

You have to remember that this is ONLY 5,500 faces. Most modern games use 10,000 as a minimal, some games have characters up to 50,000 faces.

And if you have pointless crits on the style just save it, because it’s done and the style isn’t going to change.

zarnick you should whatch more japanese cartoons, blue hair is pretty normal for me.

I’ll have to agree a bit with zarnick.
polygons are added on demand. Currently, this character does not require half it’s polies. As for bright blue hair, is, more like he says, it’s chilldish. The color scheme is not right. Silver blue is used on certain characters, but most anime hair color are a variation of normal hair color. Unless [killer]-san is aiming at a more shoujo anime style, or should I say kodomo/shoujo style.
I like blue, just another variation of it, for hair.
It’s not a style crit, but artistic (color scheme).

One more comment then I’ll leave it alone, she’s supposed to be very “cute” looking aswell as childish. Because of the character I’m planning on using her for.

Inspired by Alice the sadist:

That’s the type of character she’s going to be.