The same object, different scale but keeping detail the same size?

I’ve created a decorative cornice which sits between ceilings and walls. I want it on all 4 walls. The length of walls are different so when I rescale the cornice to fit, the detail is inevitably rescaled too. It looks odd and is not what I want to achieve. How do I go about keeping the details uniform?

Many thanks in advance

Use an array modifier to make a long version and apply it. Copy and place it on your wall, cut the overhang off and resize to fit. Redo for the other walls. This minimize the distortions. If the walls have a multiplication length of one piece of the detail you just to need cut off.

You should make a corner piece first, if they overlap.

Thanks so much rigoletto. I was a bit stumped on the array method to extend it and cant quite follow. I am now going to try making two seperate pieces, 1 for the corners and a middle section. The detail of the middle section runs horizontally so hopefully wont look too out of place when extended.

Here are an tutorial and an example:

example.blend (147.3 KB)

Thank you for this. I am familiar with the array tool, I just couldn’t understand (and am still a little unsure) how I would use it in the way you mentioned for what I was trying to produce.

I ended up redesigning the cornice, creating the corners and then extruding out the faces to the desired length.

Was maybe a lazy approach (although editing the ends after sub surface and bevelling was a bit of a pain), so if I need to do something similar in future, I would still have to figure out something different, perhaps learning the methods you are suggesting.

Thanks so much for your input and time.

Here is what i mean:

  1. create a decoration long enough for your walls
  2. snap it to the wall
  3. cut off at a desired length
  4. resize it to fit the wall (change the origion to one end for easier resize)

If you have a corner piece then attach to the corner and resize then.

example.blend (285.8 KB)

Ok got it. Thanks again rigoletto! Really appreciate your help with this.