The samurai

Ok I’m new here. I’ve been working with blender for 2 months. Here you go, the first more advanced (as for me of course) picture I’ve done after one month of learning blender. Previously i worked in Cinema 4d and Zbrush.

That’s awesome! Has a very MK feel to it, I love it! Btw, did you ever do commercial work?

It looks nice… cartoony, but nice. I like the hat, the outfit and the model as a whole, but the physics of the stance aren’t realistic. A great project though! :smiley:

Thanks for comments, this “MR. IN THE HAT” isn’t that perfect and I know it well, but I’m still learning of blender and I’m gonna try to do better and better works in future. About commercial work, I’ve never done any commercial stuff so far, I’ve just never been asked to :smiley:

Great model to pick for your first post.

Only crit is the hat. I know your going for a certain style, but it really does not flow with the rest of the already great model.

I look forward to more of your work.

why has your samuria got the Yin and Yang symbol on it

Yin and yang is Chinese doh!

Looks more Chinese then Japanese to me anyway.
Looks very nice, maybe you could model the hat a bit larger.

Let say this samurai is a half of Chineese and a half of Japaneese so that’s why he had confusion whether he should marked his kimono with yin yang symbol or not :wink: . Finally he did it. Seriously I didn’t care that much about used symbols. I like this symbol, so i used it and i think it isn’t big deal. Greetings :smiley:

I like your style! Keep your work coming!

Asain hybrid of all warrior souls? (Playing way too much MK)