the Sandrunner Lizard

hi I used to have a wip for this a long while ago. I have decided to go back to it and since no one wants to touch that old post I thought I would make a new one. most of the modeling it done. I have to go at the moment but here is a bit older screen . what to you think I mostly need crits and opinions. It is for a mod and I am at around 3200 triangles at the moment. normal maps are supported so another highly detailed model will follow. thanks

Nice work. Crits…

The hammer on the end of the tail - what’s happening there? I don’t “get” the shape.
Looks like you’ve spent a lot of time moving vertices around. However, it still seems kind of low polly. Some areas may need subsmoothing, but do them selectively or you’ll risk shrinking the figure and losing straight edges where you want them.
The top of the leg (front) looks like you have a bad edge or something - is there an edge connection going down the front thigh which needs to be erased?
ALT-B is great for block slelecting a tricky area and then using MMB (middle mouse button) rotating to edit the insides of a mesh. This should help you smooth things out immensely.

btw: how do you count the number of pollys / triangles in a mesh? (everyone does it an no one told me)

you have to convert the mesh to triangles- CONTROL-T. then look at the face count next to the vert count which is at the top right hand side of the screen.
here is the concept for the creature some one made for me:

the plane like areas on the mesh will be alpha mapped feathers.


here are some updated pics. I removed the planes for now and fixed all the non-manifolds.I deleted all the teeth and I am redoing the mouth. what would be the best way to go about making the teeth? I can think of some ways but they would creat some very bad non-monifolds. with all the faces reworked and converted to triangles the face count is at 3,015 tris. so I can make somewhere between 300 to 500 more.