The scarecrow.

Hi, This is a simple image I made in a couple of hours. I don’t think there’s anything more to say, so… :wink:


Apply some post processing Nodes :wink: And will be fabulous;)

Okay, here’s the very final image. Thanks :wink:


Your postpro effect distracts more then adds, maybe make the filter a lot sharper and with less opacity.

I don’t think he meant make it white and edged. I think something like a soft glow would’ve improved it. The colouring of the first image was great, it just needed a bit of softening up.

Boe Thancks for the add

Postpro > give an up fill and ambiance to make it fuller that mean soft it a little do an little DOF maibe and a little GLOW like my “InteligentFish” do not give sharpen to much do soft then sharp it a little

Dont spoil it or youll ruin all!

:smiley: That`s why postpro it is the final thing and the greatest, thinck that you wanna buy a painting but it is not so much like schetch Color-Contrast-Armony…

It is like …hmm “Sex it is nice…but to make LOVE it is a higer pleasure…but ? you need some fellings and imagination and …brains” :rolleyes: end “aaa… a girl” :smiley:

Okay. The thing is that I never post-processed before '^^ Please, would the moderators put this thread in WIP forum? Here’s an update.


I like the style of the final one. :slight_smile:
I only miss some “perspective”, like rotating the scarecrow a little. And Post-process its hard to do, you are going well :slight_smile:

pretty cool style - I think it´s very good, nice to look at!!! the deep perspective is good, but it´s a good suggestion to rotate the scarecrow a bit! maybe you try it!

Really nice image! I like the post-pro of the last one especially! The moon is great, and you’ve got some nice textures on the scarecrow as well!

Keep up the great work.

Here it goes :slight_smile:


Do some Dept Of Field blur effect search the node setup in some topics (i found it there to) and play with it

You must make the stars look in little blur and the moon to to have some shine effect like Glow (i found this to here) so play with it!

Little blur on stars… little glow overall…and that will make a digital Scarecrow with attitude

Great man, now you have more depth. And the contrast its better too!!! :slight_smile: