The Sea Dog Thing! WIP

(TurboG) #1

After a while of working on my house project (my best work. Will be posted when presentable with descent renders) I came up with this. It was meant to be the dogs boddy. When I realized it looked like a fish, I gave it a strange texture I had and, wham, you have a Sea Dog. It is sort of like a Sea Horse I guess… I rigged it with armatures and it’s ready to go. I added the ball of light for a dramatic effect, but mainly because he appeared to be looking at somthing and I didn’t want to rotate the eyes. I will eventually add a watery back ground and make an underwater scene. Some problems on the neck. Please Check out along with my website!

(TurboG) #2

Forgot to mention…Sometimes my pictures with UBB dont appear. Visit the site if it doesn’t show up or go to cant just click it…You got to Copy and Paste it into the address Box.

(acasto) #3

I must say, your skills have come quite a way since the ‘backed in a corner’ pic you posted. I really like the point of light the sea dog is looking at. It adds some degree of mystery and fantasy to the image. I can’t really see too much of the modeling techniques due to the lighting, but the setup is nice. When it comes to 3D, the artistic thought and creativness behind the idea itself is just as important as modeling skills. After all, no matter how good someone is at modelig, they can only model as good as the image in there head.

Keep up the good work.

(blengine) #4

haha weird, i love the dog head! not so sure about the body though, a lil too simple and not textured enough. but cool =)

(TurboG) #5

If anyone knows how to make it underwater like with little air bubbles could they please tell me how? Also, if anyone has any good textures for a fish looking thing I could use those. Any suggestions to make the body better?

(Bapsis) #6

To get a bubble effect it sounds like you need to use a dupliverted particle. I didnt know what that was until just the other day from reading the forum ( ).
S68 mentioned he used this to randomly scatter dandilion seeds throught his dragonfly pic randomly. His basic instructions were:

It is usefull when you want to scatter almost randomly copies of the same stuff.

Make a model

Make a particle emitting mesh.

Parent the model to the mesh.

In the ‘Anim Buttons’ Press ‘DupliVerts’ Button

That’s it, now you have a copy of your model wherever a particle is

Beware, rendering times can incredibly increase


So it sounds to me you would have to make a bubble, probably a few of different sizes and follow that procedure. Im not sure if its just for static work, but i imagine it could be animated and the bubble movment could be controled with the particle force emmiters. Anyone who acctually knows tho feel free to correct me, like i said i just heard about this so i may be talkin’ s#it again hehe! :wink:
Anywayz, i hope thats helpfull.


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(TurboG) #7

I have yet to figure out how to animate particles with IPO’s and such. I understand the rest. I am thinking of either transparent Bubbles or maybe ones with an Env Map.

(overextrude) #8

A good way to add an “underwater” look is to first create a particle emitter (which should be a large, flat mesh sudivided a few times). If yoiu place this close to the bottom, it will give you some “murk” that you sometimes see close to the bottom of the ocean floor. You can enhance this by adding a halo spot - this will give you a volumetric effect, that looks like light shining through water.