The search project game

I am working on a game that is going to be called and actually is called The Search!
here is the first video update.
This is version 1 of the game

What I understood was cool, but everything else is confusing.

Nice work, are those actions or is that procedural?

Some are actions and some are procedural? I think? what do you mean by procedural

procedural- motions generated by a algorithm, like python and logic.

Not actions

in sequencer (torso?)
if “Walk” Min:1 Max:60----and--------------(property “Walk” add 1)
if “Walk” = 61---------------and--------------(property “Walk = 0”)
(this produces a property that is a sequencer)

and in a limb like “hip” etc uses the sequence
always------------------------and--------------Copy property “Walk” from sequencer
if “Walk” min 1 max 15----and--------------Motion Rotate (.5,0,0) // swing leg forward
if “Walk” min 16 max 46—and--------------Motion Rotate (-.5,0,0) // swing leg backward
if “Walk” min 46 max 61—and--------------Motion Rotate (.5,0,0)// swing leg forward

KHM you forgot to give credit to @Captain_Oblivion
Also. Forget dubstep. Now. Every damn one uses wubwubwubwubwub for show-off. Get a normal song that fits an alpha video. E.g. Two Steps From Hell.

Ok, thank you for reminding me!