The second release of BPyGUI, with new features

Hi. Just woke up really early, so I’ve decided to post another release of BPyGUI (from now on to be called Bluewater) (for those of you who don’t know) a 99.9% pure Blender.BGL-written GUI library, similar to theeth’s GuiC.

Anyway, new features:

  • Text object supports SHIFT modifier, along with the numpad.
  • Added an image element, though this requires PIL (Python Imaging Library), and is thus commented out.
  • Horizontal scroll bar works in all cases, i.e. 0-100, 100-0, -50-100, 100 to -50.
    *More Blender-like drawing functions.


<EDIT> Typical free web server behaviour, you have to paste the URL into the address bar for it to work. .gerr…

Zip file containing old release and documentation: