The second time i render a frame it renders in another color

The first time i render a frame it renders like this…
the second time it does like this… odd.
this are the setting for the material

and the world…

can anyone help me? im using 2.83 downloaded today.
this didnt happend in 2.81, that i was using until yesterday.

even in the preview…
then if a reload the preview…

I know this is a newby stuff… but someone please help.

Looks like a bug or an issue with your graphics card, if you can’t find a similar report you could report the one you are having.

Personally I was never able to make any of the 2.83 versions work on my computer but 2.9 works just fine, you could also give it a try and see if you are able to use it

Well yeap. It seems llke a bug. I downloaded and installed 2.9. And it was resolved.